Episode 36: Valerie Van Galder, Movie Marketer

Valerie Van Galder has had a successful career in Hollywood, including her time as President of Marketing at Sony Pictures for 10 years, where she was responsible for developing the marketing strategy for movies including The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, and Superbad. Now she works as a marketing consultant for films, and runs Depressed Cake Shop, a grassroots mental health campaign that has raised over $200,000 for mental health charities around the world. 

This episode is a true fireside chat, where we sat down cuddled up by the fireplace in Val’s home, and chat about her Hollywood career, how we met, and our love/hate relationship with social media.

In this episode:

  • Val shares how she got her start in the entertainment industry 

  • what she learned from the Hard Rock Cafe

  • the journey of co-founding the first dual gender teen magazine 

  • her advice to young people on establishing a successful career

  • we talk about the loneliness of freelancing

  • why she’s not jaded from the industry

  • the story of how we met (thanks Internet) 

  • our love/hate relationship with social media