Introducing Self-Care Sunday

Welcome to Self-Care Sunday. 

In the first episode, Kayley shares her experiences as an entrepreneur which led her to starting the podcast. No guests on the show today, just a back story before we dive in. 

Grab a cup of tea, and get cozy. We're about to get real. 

"when you take care of yourself, and you are the best version of yourself, you can also produce your best work. This idea of self-care being selfish and taking time away from “being productive” is a myth. We can have both, and I think we need both." 
 Photo: Allie Beckwith

Photo: Allie Beckwith

In this episode: 

  • the purpose behind Self-Care Sunday
  • why building a startup was the best and worst thing for my mental health
  • on trying to keep up with startup culture, and experiencing burnout
  • what happened when I started #selfcaresunday 
  • on starting a company at 20 years old (and knowing nothing) 
  • the three things I learned about myself through this journey
  • why I consider myself a feminist (hint: men still rule the business world) 
  • what's to come for the podcast
"Being a mental health advocate doesn’t necessarily mean needing to talk about your struggles every single day on social media, but rather, proving that you don’t have to be defined by them because you’re out in the world, killing it at what you love."