Episode 14: Approaching Paleo with Nancy Chen

Nancy Chen is an email marketer, boxing instructor, wellness blogger, and mental health advocate. Her past struggles with mental health, digestive issues, and disordered eating led her to a Paleo lifestyle, and she's now the smiling face behind Approaching Paleo, a blog intended to empower people to take their health into their own hands.

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"I started my blog (while in recovery) to show that food can heal. I think it's an interesting topic... that something I was so scared of turned out to be something that not only healed my body, but healed my mind."

In this episode: 

  • what it was like for Nancy to share her eating disorder story online for the first time
  • why she started her blog Approaching Paleo
  • how she grew a community of over 12,000 followers and readers
  • we discuss the responsibility of being a mental health advocate on instagram
  • Nancy explains the basics (and misconceptions) around living a Paleo lifestyle
  • how she balances blogging, her day job, instructing, and self-care
  • we share our love for avocado!!! 
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I like to be busy... I'm a planner... I schedule things out to a tee. But I also schedule time in for myself.