Episode 26: Healing from Miscarriage, Founding a Startup, and Dealing with Haters

Aminah Haghighi is the founder of Unapparenthood, a podcast and media brand for modern parents. After experiencing miscarriage, Aminah created Unapparenthood with her partner, Bryce, to share their story while empowering millennial parents on all things pregnancy and parenthood. The two are now pregnant again, and creating content from their home in Toronto, ON. 

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"(Miscarriage) is almost like our periods: nobody wants to talk about it because they think it’s not nice for conversation, but if we can’t talk about the things that are happening with our own bodies then how are we going to expect other people to normalize these things?

in this episode: 

  • Aminah shares her Bumble love story, and the road to becoming partners in business and life 
  • what is was like experiencing a missed miscarriage, and why she chose to open up about it 
  • on starting her podcast, Unapparenthood 
  • we talk about freelancing full-time, and how to describe “what you do” 
  • how to deal with online trolls & haters 
  • the first thing she did as self-care to heal from miscarriage 
  • her advice on love, and self-love 
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“The only way you will ever find true validation and feel really good about yourself, is learning to do it for yourself. I was on a chase for fake love, because I thought that validation for me was having a boyfriend. I was obsessed with finding love because I didn’t realize how much I was hurting on the inside.”