Episode 9: On Meditation & Being a Woman of Colour, with Anita Cheung

Anita Cheung is an entrepreneur in the wellness space. As a yoga teacher, she co-founded Moment Meditation - the first modern meditation studio in Canada - and is the creator behind Betty - daily, live “beditations” from your phone.  She’s a multi-faceted, creative powerhouse. As a first generation Chinese-Canadian, Anita recently launched a photo project called, “Where are you really from?”, showcasing and empowering multi-cultural women, while raising awareness for those who might never have been on the receiving end of that question. Anita currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. 

“I wanted to showcase that we’re not “other”. There isn’t a lot of representation of women of colour in the media; if there is, it’s usually tokenize. I wanted women of colour to be able to have a narrative of their own; that they’re not just a token character in a white man or woman’s story.”


In this episode: 

  • how meditation helped Anita out of depression
  • why she's determined to make meditation "cool" 
  • on the "whiteness" of wellness 
  • Anita discusses her latest series "Where are you really from?"
  • why she struggled with calling herself a woman of colour
  • her tips on pursuing multiple projects and creative endeavours 
  • on practicing self-care as a wellness entrepreneur

“It’s interesting how when you’re in the depths of mental illness you don’t really see it for yourself until somebody else calls you out on it.”