Episode 8: Lizzie Brown, Yoga Wake Up

It might be the name, although it’s more likely the energy, but everywhere she goes, someone knows Lizzie Brown. Lizzie moved to Los Angeles 14 years ago and got her start in lifestyle PR representing surf and sportswear brands. In 2007, at 23 years old, she opened her first PR agency, Dell et Ruhs. In that time she is credited with launching Lorna Jane in the US, as well as Carbon38 and NUX activewear. In 2014, Lizzie opened shop with her husband and launched Kamala Collective, an agency that specialized in app development, PR and marketing for fitness and wellness brands, through which she launched brands like Fabletics, among others. In 2017, with her husband, Lizzie co-founded the first ever “yoga alarm clock” — the Yoga Wake Up app, which Apple subsequently featured in its’ “New Apps We Love”.  

“You have to fail to win… You’re gonna fail multiple times before you’re successful, so it really is just part of the ride.”

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In this episode: 

  • the story behind Yoga Wake Up
  • how Lizzie and her husband balance their marriage and work relationship as co-founders
  • her advice for new entrepreneurs when it comes to building a partnership
  • how she deals with failure (and embraces it) 
  • Lizzie’s thoughts on the hustle of startup culture
  • we discuss yoga culture, and why commercialized self-care can be more intimidating than enjoyable
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"My mom’s motto was always 'work to live' and not 'live to work'."

You can download Yoga Wake Up here: bit.ly/selfcaresundaydotco
And use the code SELFCARESUNDAY to save up to 20% off.