Episode 6: Allison Asis, Cadette Jewelry

Allison Asis is a Toronto-based digital marketer by day, and jeweller by night for Cadette Jewelry – a line of collectible, art-inspired jewelry that she handcrafts for creative women to wear and feel expressive, empowered and confident. Ever since Allison was a child, she's had a deep connection to various forms of art and the fulfilling ways they enabled her to express herself – dabbling in sketch, paint, sculpture and more. She eventually discovered a yearning to create something tangible & wearable to share with the world, and started the Cadette Jewelry brand with her handmade pieces in 2013.

"To me, self-care is carving out enough time in the day to reflect... Truly pinpointing what are the things that I'm most grateful for? What are the blessings that came into my day? Because there's always something. Life is so short, you need to recognize every little thing that happens to you."
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In this episode: 

  • how she evolved from a fashion blogger into a self-taught jeweller 
  • why fine art is such a big influence in her personal and professional life 
  • her creative process, from inspiration to sketchbook to crafting wearable art
  • the biggest challenge she faces as a creative entrepreneur
  • how she stays motivated, and the "why" that keeps her going
  • the music that keeps her inspired and relaxed (including two producers she's obsessed with) 
  • Allison's advice on balancing a 9-5 and pursuing a side hustle
"Overthinking stops so many people in their tracks from just having lift off for the most basic ideas to begin with, so just start doing it. Whatever baby steps that your dream requires, just start doing them."