Episode 5: Getting Out of A Rut

Today, I’m sharing some personal reflections on dealing with change and getting out of a rut. The past 6 months, I’ve gone through, maybe more changes than ever in my entire life. And I’m finally, now, at a place where I feel more comfortable to share some things I've never really shared anywhere else. 

"Sometimes when you have absolutely zero plans and expectations, is exactly when the universe starts handing you things you didn’t know you needed."

Which reminds me of Episode 2 with Sophie Gray, when she talked about *not* sharing her experiences as she’s going THROUGH them, but rather, when she’s on the other side, and can not only share the emotional experience, but also what she’s learned from it.


In this episode: 

  • why I really moved to Montreal after spending 6 years in New Brunswick
  • on falling back into a depressive episode after nearly 3 years of being "recovered"
  • why I left Montreal to move back home with my parents
  • on letting go of expectations of what I "should be" doing with my life
  • why change is important to embrace, despite how scary it might be
  • 4 tips for getting out of a slump
"Change is scary. There’s no doubt about that. But it’s necessary for us to move forward. Whether it’s a move, or a job change, or applying to school… We have to fill those voids that make us feel empty, otherwise you’re stuck in a loop of 'what if'"