Episode 4: Allie Beckwith, influencer, artist, photographer

Allie Beckwith is an influencer, visual artist and fashion photographer. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Photography in 2015. Since graduating, she has experienced so much success, including shooting at New York Fashion Week and having her editorial work featured in Vogue Magazine. She's worked with major global brands like Tim Hortons, and LG Canada, and we actually met first year university when my then-boyfriend introduced us to do a photoshoot. Seven years later, she’s continually inspiring me to pursue creative projects, like this podcast. You can find her on socials @alliebeckwith or on her blog: alliebeckwith.com 

"In school you're taught, "go be an assistant, or go be an intern, or go get experience". So I tried that for a little bit, and then realized... I didn't want to work under another photographer - I wanted to be the photographer. I've found if you just started doing it.... You can do it. You just have to work hard at it." 
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in this episode: 

  • what dating a professional athlete taught her about relationships - and herself
  • why she still calls New Brunswick home - and her reasons behind staying
  • how she developed a personal brand, and evolved from "photographer" to "influencer"
  • why she doesn't care what people think of her
  • how she separates her "business" from her "real life" online 
  • her only advice for making Instagram a happy, positive place
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"Surrounding yourself with people just because you've known them a long time is the worst. You don't need to. How I look at it now is: would I be friends with them if I met them today?"