Episode 35: Sophie Gray on Rebranding, Podcasting, And Launching A Startup

Sophie Gray (@sophiegray), formerly known as Way of Gray, was the guest for Episode 2 of the podcast, and returns for some updates. This year, she started her podcast Sophie Thinks Thoughts where she shares thoughts on topics ranging from mindfulness and relationships to social media and politics. Sophie is also the founder of DiveThru, an introspection app to help you connect with yourself.


  • why she rebranded from “Way of Gray” to simply, Sophie Gray

  • her thoughts on sponsored posts and the Instagram algorithm

  • she tells us about her new podcast, Sophie Thinks Thoughts

  • on founding DiveThru, and the process of launching a startup

  • we talk mental health & entrepreneurship

  • the difference between being self-employed & being an entrepreneur

  • Sophie and I talk about lifestyle design (and why I won’t start another company any time soon)