Episode 3: Addie Van Rijn, Model & Mental Health Advocate

Addie Van Rijn is a model, writer, and mental health advocate. Her and Kayley met for the first time when Addie applied for an internship at Wear Your Label, and soon after grew into the role of Community Manager at the company. Two years later, Addie and Kayley remain close friends who have been through a lot together - they share some of those moments on the podcast. 

"Because I have social anxiety I sometimes feel like an alien. There's certain situations that I walk into and I think: how would a normal person react to this?"
 Photo: Kelsey Schroeder

Photo: Kelsey Schroeder

In this episode: 

  • how Addie landed an internship at WYL (even though we weren't hiring) 
  • on why modelling has actually been good for her mental health
  • the first time she opened up about self-injury on the internet (and the reactions) 
  • on going to New York the day after President Trump had been elected
  • why Addie went on a social media cleanse (and why you should, too) 
 Photo: Lance Kenneth Blakney
"After I got past the 1 year point (of recovery), it became something that used to be, and not something that I was... It becomes easier to talk about the further away that you get."