Episode 28: Molly R. Stern, Hollywood Makeup Artist

Molly R. Stern has been a trusted artist and influencer in Hollywood for over 25 years. Known to emphasize and enhance what is uniquely beautiful about each woman she touches, her creative and fresh approach to makeup has garnered respect and loyalty among Hollywood’s elite talent, renowned fashion photographers and top beauty brands. Molly’s broader focus on encouraging self-love and educating women on the positive individuality of beauty is what drives her everyday.  Molly inspires her audience across her social media platforms with empowering messaging, and images, always using her signature hashtag, #LOVEyourself. Whether designing, parenting her 3 children or applying makeup, Molly’s spirited authenticity, attention to detail and enthusiasm for all women shines through in her artistry. 


in this episode: 

  • how Molly went from working the beauty counters to becoming a Hollywood make-up artist
  • why her 30-year career led to starting the #loveyourself movement
  • what she did when her 5-year old daughter came to her saying “I don’t feel pretty” 
  • why she’s chosen to stay in the fashion & beauty industry, despite it’s negative reputation for mental health and body image
  • Molly’s advice for any woman who’s ever compared herself to celebrities or models like her clients 
“I’ve gotten this incredible opportunity to meet all different types of women… different levels of earning, different levels of beauty, different levels of self-care. And I came to realize that there’s a common thread amongst all women which is this insanely natural desire to criticize oneself."