Episode 27: Katelyn Bourgoin, 3x Startup Founder turned Growth Strategist

Katelyn Bourgoin is a 3X founder turned growth strategist. She was named as one of Nova Scotia’s top 10 young entrepreneurs in 2012, she sold her first business in 2013, she was named an influential entrepreneur by Forbes magazine in 2016, and, in 2017 she made the difficult decision to close down her venture-backed tech startup after 3 years in operation. With vast experience as a marketer and product designer, today Katelyn works as a growth strategist and trainer. The majority of her clients are high-growth tech companies.

“I had no business thinking I could start a tech company, but I figured, ‘how hard could it be?’ I was pretty naive. I figure you kind of need to be.” 


in this episode: 

  • Katelyn describes her entrepreneurial journey over the past 7 years, from waitressing to founding a tech startup
  • how she helps startup founders understand their customer, and sell more 
  • her advice to entrepreneurs raising money
  • why she thinks Kylie Jenner is a brilliant business woman
  • she reflects on how to ‘reset’ after everything has fallen apart
  • on managing waves of anxiety
  • why she decided to share her failures online
  • we discuss sexism and implicit bias in startup culture
“The best ideas I’ve had, the real moments of clarity that I’ve had in business have always come when I actually unplug. Yet when you’re trying to get something done, you don’t give yourself that space because you feel like you have to keep working at it.”