Episode 25: Aly Dort, Stationary Designer (Lavender & Sage)

Aly Dort is a full time single mama, stationery designer, ISFJ & coffee lover. Her plan of becoming a Psychologist was interrupted by her baby Blue, and she now creates stationery tools to help individuals prioritize their self care and wellness. She is the owner of Lavender & Sage.

“It’s all about doing your best with what you have.”

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in this episode: 

  • Aly shares how her past shapes who she is today
  • why she chose not to pursue her dream of becoming a psychologist
  • the inspiration behind her company, Lavender & Sage
  • her newest crowdfunding campaign for self-care planners
  • what she’s learned from living with mental illness, being a single mother, and juggling entrepreneurship
  • her advice for new mamas

“We do not spend enough time saying: you are enough. You do not need to measure up to someone else’s ruler."