Episode 20: Behaviour Matters Clinical Director, Tania DaSilva

Tania DaSilva is a Child, Youth and Family Therapist, and holds a number of impressive letters behind her name that stand for her accomplishments in the field, including an Honors Bachelors of Arts and Science Degree, she is certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from the University of Toronto, as well as Applied Behavioural Analysis for Educators through the Geneva Centre for Autism, and she holds an Honours Advanced Child and Youth Care Diploma from Humber College. She is now the Clinical Director at Behaviour Matters, which provides therapeutic support to Toronto and the GTA. You can learn more about Behaviour Matters here: behaviourmatters.ca 

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in this episode: 

  • Tania describes her journey to mental health advocacy
  • she opens up about her experience in an abusive relationship as a teenager
  • why she became interested in working as a mental health professional
  • what it’s like to do a 5-day silent meditation retreat
  • we discuss how “life coaches” have impacted the mental health industry
  • Tania gives her advice to anyone struggling, and what we can do to help
  • why breaking your routine can be good for self-care 

“As soon as I broke free of the fear of being vulnerable, stigmatized or judged for my experiences,  my life began to unravel in the most beautiful way. When I reframed my experiences I saw them as strength of character. Only then was I able to become the best version of myself; to begin to love and accept myself in my truest form. I saw my hardships, struggles, and my so-called ugly truths as the most powerful part of my journey and used them to create a life rooted in positivity. “