Episode 2: Sophie Gray, Self-Love Influencer & Meditation Expert

Sophie Gray is the Edmonton-based social media maven behind, Way of Gray. You’ve probably seen her on your insta feed, or in articles by Cosmopolitan, Self, and Huffington Post. She’s amassed an audience of over 500,000 followers - but not without struggles of her own. She’s a meditation expert, a journaling pro and loves nothing more than helping people dive deeper into themselves to find the stillness within. 

"The times that I was "hustling the most" were the times that I was the least productive or the least "successful"." 

In this episode: 

  • why Sophie stopped posting bikini photos, and started posting no make-up selfies
  • the thing that caused her to question herself as a "fitness influencer" and transition her entire brand
  • what she learned after losing 70,000 followers on Instagram
  • her thoughts on the concept of "death", and letting go
  • the boundaries she sets before sharing something on social media
  • the 1 book Sophie recommends to everyone (and what she's currently nerding out over)
  • what's next for Sophie (hint: she's launching an app)
"When you do have time off, how are you respecting yourself and setting those boundaries? How much time are you spending when you're not at work, on your phone, or doing "work things"? Or being concerned with the way other people are living their lives, instead of taking the time to sit with yourself?"