Episode 18: Capsule Books, Harry Potter, and the Struggles of Entrepreneurship

Natasha Lioe is the founder and CEO of Capsule Books, a company that aims to categorize books in a different way: through feeling. She has always found that the most interesting part of reading books, watching TV or films, or listening to music is how people tell stories, why they tell stories, and who those stories are most meaningful for. Natasha hopes to show people how important a quiet pastime like reading is in a world where people only hear the loudest voice.    

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In this episode: 

  • Natasha shares why she started Capsule Books
  • why physical books are still important in our digital age
  • we bond over our love for Harry Potter
  • she lets us in on her goals as a writer and the future of Capsule Books
  • Natasha flips the table and asks ME about my startup history
  • we discuss the challenges of being an entrepreneur 
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“I think the hardest part about being a business owner is that nobody tells you what to do. And it sounds great, but then you realize… Nobody tells you what to do. Suddenly, you have to figure everything out by yourself.” 

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