Episode 17: Kate Speer, CEO of The Dogist (Part 2)

You can listen to Part 1: Becoming @Positively.Kate on iTunes or Soundcloud

Kate Speer is a storyteller, mental health advocate, and proud dog mom (to the instagram-famous @wafflenugget). After hanging up on our last call, we both felt like we wanted to share MORE than just the mental illness aspect of Kate's story. So, in this episode we discuss daily self-care practices in life and business, Kate's secret double life as the ultimate fashionista, and what her day-to-day looks like as the CEO of The Dogist.

“I don’t have time to not self-care.”
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In this episode: 

  • Kate and I share why it was important for us to do a Part 2 
  • Kate walks us through her daily self-care practices
  • we discuss how to use lists and a calendar to manage your anxiety and prioritize self-care 
  • how finding the right job and work environment can benefit your mental health
  • she shares her advice on how you can show up unapologetically, too 
  • the secret double life of her fashion reselling side hustle/hobby 
  • what her everyday life looks like as the CEO of The Dogist
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“If I could teach the world anything about self-care, it would be: let the mess in.  Just let it be uncomfortable, because life is uncomfortable.”