Episode 16: Becoming @Positively.Kate (Part 1)

Kate is the newly appointed CEO of The Dogist but she thinks of herself as just a human with a passion for raw storytelling, dogs, hustle and unapologetic humanity. A transparency and gratitude enthusiast, she is known for showing up, exactly as she is. She’s also the dog-mom to Instagram famous @wafflenugget.

Kate shared her story on the TEDx Stage, discussing what it was like to spend 10 years in and out of psych wards, and what it means to grow from darkness and bloom out of hardship. You can find her sharing dorky positivity on instagram @positively.kate 

“My misdiagnosis led to a suicide attempt, which led to 21 psychiatric hospitalizations, that led to over 30 medication trials, it led to me having shock therapy which impacted my memory…. And it doesn’t define me. My resilience defines me.”

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in this episode: 

  • Kate shares her “decade of darkness” with mental illness and being misdiagnosed 
  • she reflects on her own privilege in access to services and the ability to tell her story
  • how exposure therapy helped her overcome anxiety (even when she was literally scared shitless) 
  • how she fell in love with startups and marketing, and why she chose not to work in mental health advocacy
  • why she started a business in storytelling (despite doctors predicting she’d be in a ward forever) 
  • how she met Elias and became the CEO of The Dogist
  • her journey on Instagram, from competing for perfection to becoming @positively.kate
  • why she struggles with labelling herself as a mental health advocate online 
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“When we show up as ourselves we give the world the opportunity to accept us as ourselves. And there is no greater power than being seen in our truth.”