Episode 13: On Skincare and Self-Care with Alyssa Johnston

Alyssa Johnston is the founder of Lou La Belle Skin Care, a boutique luxury line of skin care and self-care products. She is an advocate for self-love, and part of her advocacy is simply being honest and true to who she is. Alyssa is the kind of person who cries at television commercials and will willingly tell you about it. She owns the label "sensitive" and thinks its a superpower, not a detriment. Her husband said it best when he said, "she just feels harder than most". Alyssa lives in a little log home on Prince Edward Island with her husband, a cat, and a rescued coonhound and likes to be curled up in bed by 9pm. 

"I get a little upset when people talk about self-care not just being baths - which I totally agree with, it's not - however if someone is busy and they are carving out 20 minutes for themselves to have a bath, and that's the only way they feel they can fit (self-care) in, no one should think "that's not really it" just because it's trendy. I don't think anyone should judge anyone else's self-care time. Whatever makes you happy and feel good, that's what your self-care should be."


in this episode: 

  • Alyssa shares the meaning behind the name "Lou La Belle"
  • what she's learned about the beauty industry since starting her own skincare line
  • why you should be skeptical of big brand products marketed as "natural"
  • the all-natural Canadian beauty brands that Alyssa LOVES
  • why she started her "Love Letter to a Belle" campaign
  • we discuss the interconnectedness of mental health, social media, and self-care
  • Alyssa shares her personal skincare routine and tips
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"Your insecurities won't define who you are, in the long run."

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