Episode 10: Andreya Klobucar, Mimp Magazine (Live Recording)

*Live podcast recording*

Andreya Klobucar is the founding Editor in Chief of Mimp Magazine: is a platform & annual print volume with an aim to celebrate the infinitely beautiful imperfections of the women around us and within. Mimp empowers women to challenge media standards by promoting intersectionality, sisterhood and self-love. Andreya is currently obtaining a BA in Media Studies and Communication from the University of Guelph Humber. And on top of it all, she’s only 19 years old.

We sat down together at the UnCo Showroom, joined by a room full of awesome women over for the first ever live taping of Self-Care Sunday.

"I still struggle everyday with seeing people on Instagram who seem to have their life together. I just get jealous or envious of their life and I completely disregard how awesome my life is and how grateful I actually am for the experiences that I have... It's crazy how just one photo can make you think that way."


in this episode: 

  • Andreya shares some of her earliest creative endeavours that led her to where she is now
  • we discuss the competitiveness of Instagram
  • the meaning behind "Mimp"
  • the female creatives, photographers and writers that inspire her
  • how she overcomes anxiety at events
  • what she wish she knew before she started Mimp (and what she'd change if she did it again)
  • why she values quality > quantity when it comes to content creation 
  • the book that helped her feel comfortable calling herself a feminist

post-episode Q&A: 

  • how to grow your Instagram audience (and what not to do)
  • why you should turn off your social media notifications
  • how to recharge - and say "no" to more things


"My life motto is to just do it. Nobody's gonna teach you. Nobody's gonna open doors for you - especially as a woman. You have to make opportunities for yourself. Fake it (until you make it)."